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Food & beverage:

Our week´s menu is really varied - like in a fine restaurant.

  • Of course we prepare every necessary special diet. For information and consultation a dietician will be at your disposal. Supplementary we offer natural food and meatless meals.
  • In addition there´s a Cafeteria at your service. It is located beside the main entrance
    (opening hours: Mon. to Fri. from 9.00a.m. to 5.p.m. and Sat/Sun/Holy Day from 10.00a.m. to 5.00p.m.) and offers also magazines, beverages aso.
  • Out of opening hours of the cafeteria there is a drinks- and coffeemachine at your disposal - all time round. It´s to find in the corridor of the in-patient´s wing (ground floor).
  • Take-along food should be discussed with doctors and nurses because of its digestibility.

Smoking and alcohol:

  • We kindly ask all patients, visitors and employees not to smoke in the hospital. Avoid alcohol because it doesn´t go well with medication.


  • Public phones are to find in the entrance hall.
    Informations about card phones in your
    room and about cards are to get by the staff of the main admission and at the
  • There´s a letter box in front of the main entrance.


All the important information about the time after your in-patient stay will be given to you by your doctor.

  • The necessary documents for your General practitioner, all united in the so-called "doctor´s letter", will be sent to him by mail.
  • To write out the confirmation of discharge is the ward sister´s job.
  • The fee that General-class patients have to pay is going to be collected by the staff of the main admission on your day of discharge.
  • In case of having parked your car on one of our parking areas please contact the main admission to get your exit-ticket.

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