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Dept. of General Surgery
Dept. of Casualty Surgery with physical therapy
Internal Dept. with dialysis and central laboratory
Dept. of Ophthalmology and school for visually handicapped ones
Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dept. of Anestesia and intensive medicine ward
Ear Nose Throat - ENT Dept. with logopedics
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  • Hearing tests for adults and children (from 5 years up)
    • Pure tone and speech audiometry
    • Tympanometry
    • Measurement of otoacustic emissions (TEOAE, DPOAE)
    • Audiometry of brain stem (BERA) ( infants get sedatives/narcosis)
    • Screening tests for infants (TEOAE)
  • Diagnosis of dizziness - neurootology
    • Computer-Nystagmography (CNG) and Video-Nystagmography (VNG)
    • Posturography
  • Endoscopic diagnosis of swallowing disorders
  • Microscopic and endoscopic examination methods
  • Video supported endoscopy
  • Video supported stroboscopy
  • Ultrasound examinations (B-Scan)
  • Snore-diagnostic
    • polygraphy (snor-laboratory)
    • snore level determination
  • Rhinomanometric Reading of the nasal flowrate
  • Allergicologic clarification and therapy
    • Prick-tests and RAST-examinations
    • Nasal provocation test
    • Specific immun therapy (SIT)
Conservative therapies:
  • Antibiotic therapy:
    • In case of acute and chronic inflammations in the area of head and throat
  • Rheologic therapy:
    • in case of sudden deafness, ear noises, Menière´s disease, Labyrinthine vertigo, and palsy of the facial nerve
  • Vertigo:
    • training (posturography "Luzerner Platte")
    • therapeutical postural-manoeuvre
  • Care of patients with tumours and tracheostoma

Surgical therapies:

  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
  • Traumatology
    • In particular of the oto- and rhinobasis and of the midfacial area
  • Tumour surgery
  • Laser surgery
  • Surgery of the middle ear
    • Different kinds of tympanoplasty, stapedektomy, cholesteatoma
  • Plastic surgery of head, nose and throat
  • Surgery of head, nose and throat at children and adults
  • Snore-surgery

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