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Clinical psychology provides counselling and therapy to help patients develop coping and problem-solving skills, change behaviour, express emotions and communicate appropriately and effectively.

Clinical psychology is an integral part of the Hospital of Zell am See, offering counselling and therapy as an adjunct to medical care and to other therapeutic services.

The integration of mind, body and spirit is an important goal for human health, yet various life events may negatively affect the ability to achieve such balance, e.g. hospital admission, acute and chronic illnesses, mental disorders, family conflict or the loss of a family member are often mixed up with stress, doubt, fear and anxiety.


Mag. Robert Müller, Mag. Christina Landegger, Mag. Johannes Berger

We three colleagues provide considerate and respectful care.

We offer consultation and treatment regarding coping with a range of health conditions, including acute, chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

In addition, we offer counselling and therapy for a variety of psychological issues, such as
• depressive disorders
• anxiety disorders
• alcohol and drug abuse
• grief, e.g. associated with pregnancy loss
• relationship problems
• marital and family conflict

Patients and relatives may talk to the doctor or to the nurse for scheduling an appointment, or the doctor may refer the patient for an appointment.

In addition, psychology maintains in collaboration with surgeons research on quality of life of patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease before and after surgical interventions.



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