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Philosophic and ethnic criterias of our enterprise
  • "We are willing to help people!"
  • "We´d like to work with people!"
  • "We should be guided by our own conscience!"
  • "We aim at a high-levelled competence within all ranges!"
  • "Despite the use of modern high-tech medicine it´s the human being in his entirety and individuality who´s the focus of our work!"
Social criterias
  • "We bear a social responsibility!"
  • "We feel bound to the environment!"
  • "We take part in a cooperative managerial style!"
  • "We support the extention of our employee´s qualifications and personality!"
  • "We give both women and men equal opportunities!"
Economical performance-oriented criterias
  • "We cooperate with the public hospitals in the surrounding by coordinating not only the basic care but also our special fields!"
  • "We are looking for new forms of cooperation provided that coping with assignments and/or administrative and financial requirements is becoming easier then!"
  • "We are heading for improving our service offer - according to the health need of the region "Pinzgau"!"
  • "We are broadminded about alternative healing methods!"
  • "We take part in high-quality management!"
  • "The needs and expectations of our patients decide on the
    services of our hospital!"
  • "We see our patients also as clients!"
Financial criterias
  • "We are bound to the principles of efficiency, economy and effectivity!"
  • "Methods like in the private enterprises are the guarantee for an efficient and effective management!"
Instrumental criterias
  • "We give information inside and out both in time and sufficient!"

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